Camper Place Turfstee - Map

Camper Park Turfstee is situated ,with his 88 are, located on the Turfweg in the village Blijham and in the municipality of Bellingwedde, about 45 km east of the city of Groningen.
It is also possible from Camper Park Turfstee to give our neighbors in Germany a visit. Within 20 minutes you are at the german border in Nieuweschans.

Service area Turfstee owes its name to the extraction of peat. Peat is excavated and dried peat and is caused by the death of plant residues in the soil. This peat was in the sixteenth century in the region of Blijham and Bellingwolde won widespread and often used as fuel for such as I.A. stoves in homes. Winning peat from the ground at the time was also called peat stabbing. Nowadays however, no peat more widely stung, but it is still found in the soil of this region.
However, Peat is no longer extracted widely, but it is still to be found in the soil of this region today.

Camper park Turfstee has a whopping 55 beautiful, spacious, paved pitches and are all equipped with a 6 amp electricity connection. On site is also a toilet block available with washrooms and toilets.