House Rules

  • Please inform the reception on arrival.
  • It is not allowed to lay plastic or mats on the grass.
  • Up to 2 dogs are allowed.
  • Dogs on leash both large and small.
  • Dogs outlets outside the camper area. Using a pet bag or poop scoop is mandatory.
  • Waste can be discharge into the appropriate bins.
  • Dirty water can be discharge at the appropriate places.
  • Empty the contents of a chemical toilet in the designated area.
  • Grilling in consultation with the administrator and at a designated place.
  • The use of electric heaters and airconditioners is prohibited.
  • We and our guests appreciate it when you leave the facilities clean after a visit, so you and our other guests end up in a clean environment.
  • The sanitary building is not a playground.
  • It is forbidden to smoke in and around the toilet building
  • To prevent blockages in the sewer system it is not allowed to flush damp and/or disposable cleaning cloths and/or sanitary towels into the toilet.
  • For personal notifications, please sign our guestbook.
  • For problems or concerns, please contact our administrator.

If all guests follow these simple rules the camper place remains clean and we all have profit from it.

We wish you a pleasant stay on camper Park Turfstee!